[MOVIE COMMENT] 20 000 Leagues Under The Sea (1954)

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea from 1954 is awesome movie adaptation of famous Jules Verne’s SF classic tale. Being filmed in 1950s, the movie is still far superior than not just vast majority of classic movies from that time, but also from modern ones!

It has awesome special effects, good actor choices, solid story, and filmed in good locations.

James Mason portrayed Captain Nemo, man lead by anger and vengeance, and now fight against crime at sea with deadly technology and science behind his Nautilus submarine. He has his gang of followers who will die for his cause as well. He portrayed Nemo very well.

And here is also legendary Kirk Douglas, portraying Ned Land, a tough guy is a sailor’s dress, whose is less aggressive and ,,gold lover” (he planned to steal gold from Nemo claiming that he also stole that gold as well), but overall fair and good man (he even saved Nemo and risk his own life for that, and do not want to kill people). The character is played nicely, Kirk Douglass did a good job here.

Other notable characters include Prof. Pierre Aronnax (played by Paul Lukas) and Conseil (played by Peter Lorre), men of science who found themselves trapped in Nemo’s submarine and his vengeful plans.

Locations in the movie are at best they could find! Underwater locations are good with lots of fish, corals, various marine life and sharks. The caves are also present, sunken ship.

Tropical island scene  (palms, white sandy beaches, turquoise water, lust tropical vegetation on shore) on Papua New Guinea with cannibals and jungle in island (and skulls on stakes) adds perfectly to the tropical ambience.

There is also another island with hills and lagoon-crater hidden in the middle of hills for secret Nemo’s base. Nice location too. And another island where Nimo shows to professor illegal mine exploits.

A lot of time is spent in Nautilus itself, naturally. Submarine design is awesome. Its out design resembles , sea monster” attacking ships (from a distance behind waves with glowing parts it really looks like some creature). The Interior is really nice too. Some of the rooms and especially main room is elegant, even in today’s’ standard. One has no feeling that he is inside the submarine, but some weird luxury apartment. ,, Power control” room is creatively designed as well, with various glowing effects as there is , core” of some unknown source of power, which makes Nautilus operating and functioning at all.

What viewers can expect from this movie? Here are some main things:

– Nice tropical scenes (jungles, vegetation)

– Tropical Islands (both flat and hilled)

-Underwater environment (lot of it from corals, caves, fish up to sharks)

– Short underwater shark battle

– Giant Squid battle (this is the legendary battle with Giant Squid against Nautillus crew, you must see it! KRAKEN ATTACKING!)

– Cannibal’s attack (with skulls on stakes in jungle) on rafts

– Some of traditional sea battles with boats (colonialist times style)

– Lot of fun, adventure and some actions.

– Nautilus ambience

Yes, being not just adventure and SF, this movie has family element as well, it has some fun scenes.

What I disliked is that old traditional ,,fist fight” when the main actor always has that ,,fist superiority” and beats almost everyone. That thing is seen in many movies and became annoying. Other from that everything is perfect!

Overall, this movie is highly recommended and good. One of the best movies around! Even fiction, people can learn how personal misfortune and one tragedy can affect a man with dangerous tools around. But also we can learn from Nemo’s case somewhat like naturalist life, melting with nature and respecting it, in this case our oceans, and what they can provide us.

RATING: 9/10

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