Isle a Quatre

Isle a Quatre is an island in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Its size is 376 acres (152 ha), and its maximum length/width is around 2,8kmX1km. Its diagonal (from one latest point to another) is around 3kms. Quatre Island is a private island, owned by the Mitchell family for a…

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Middle Cay

Middle Cay is an island in the Bahamas. Its size is about 2 acres (8093 m2), and its maximum length/width is around 115mX53m. The islet is most likely called Middle Cay because it is literally in the middle between Caribe Cay and Third Cay which are very close to it,…

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Ducie Atoll

Ducie Atoll (or Ducie Island as commonly known) is an atoll in the Pitcairn Islands, the South Pacific. Ducie Atoll is located about 540km east of Pitcairn, Adamstown. Its first neighbor is Henderson Island, about 355km to the west. Its area is 3.9 km2 including the lagoon. Its length/width is…

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Corozal Island

Corozal Island ( or Isla Corozal) is an island in Panama. It is located on Panama's Pacific coast. Its size is 44,8 acres (18,65 ha), and its maximum length/width is about 520mX300m. The island is located in San Miguel Bay, known as Golfo De San Miguel (a bay of the…

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Caille Island

Caille Island (or Isle De Caille) is an island in Grenada, the Caribbean. Its size is 155 acres (62,7 ha), and its maximum legth/width is around 1,2kmX880m. The island is less than 7 km north off Grenada's main island. Caille Island is less than 350m south of the famous Ronde…

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Nukulaelae Atoll

Nukulaelae Atoll is an atoll in Tuvalu, the Pacific Ocean. Its maximum length/width are around 10,5kmX4,3km, and its size is around 1.82 km², while the lagoon covers 25.4 km². Nukulaelae Atoll is around 112km southeast of Funafuti Atoll (where the capital settlement of Tuvalu is located), and 114 km from…

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Happy 8. March – International Women’s Day

Staff from both facebook group ,, Private Islands for Sale" and blog ,,Tropical Islands"wish to all ladies in the group Happy Women's Day! All the best!

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St. Pierre Island (Seychelles)

St. Pierre Island ( or St. Pierre Islet or Île St. Pierre) is an island in Seychelles (Praslin). It is a small islet, with a size of about 10 101 m2, and maximum length/width of about 110mX75m. St. Pierre Island is one of the few smaller islands on the northern…

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Nikumaroro Atoll

Nikumaroro Atoll (or Nikumaroro Island) is an atoll in Kiribati, in central-west Pacific. It is a triangular-shaped atoll, that looks like a single flat island encircling a large lagoon in the middle. That is why it is also called just Nikumaroro Island. Its maximum length/width is about 7kmX2km. The atoll…

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Plastic pollution example – Henderson Island

Henderson Island is an island in the Pitcairn Islands, South Pacific. Its size is 9216 acres (3729ha). Its dimensions are 9.6 by 5.1 kilometers. Henderson Island is located about 196km northeast of Pitcairn. 10 out of 51 species of plants are unique to this island as well as 4 birds…

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