Island Ecosystem at ScienceDirect

There are some good educational topics on ScienceDirect about ecosystems on tropical islands that are useful to read. Some can be read directly. For example ,,4.1 Island Ecosystem and Endemism" ,,Applications for Societal Benefits",,Land Shaping Methods for Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal and Island Region" ,,5.5 Conservation of Corals" and…

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Pacific Islands Pilot (1920)

I just found out e-book on Google books ,,Pacific islands Pilot" part II from 1920. It writes about many islands and passages/ancorages which were known for that time. Interestingly, I found there some information about less known islands which I could not find in more recent sources across the internet,…

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Atoll research Bulletin – Walter M. Goldberg

Atoll research Bulletin - Walter M. Goldberg And this is a must literature for all island lovers and scientists/researchers! Here you have a detailed description of atolls worldwide, and almost all atolls in the world are mentioned. You can read about their formation, types, lagoons, passes etc etc... Very…

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About Scientific literature

This is Scientific literature category.  Here we write about some online books, researches and similar, regarding tropical islands (for example, a book about atolls, research about pollution on islands, ecosystem etc...). And when possible, we post links if anyone wants to see and download.

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