Ball’s Pyramid

Ball’s Pyramid is the erosive remnant of a volcano. It is 562 meters high, while only 1,100 meters long and 300 meters wide, making it the highest volcanic stack in the world. The awkward shape, the restless sea that surrounds it makes it алмост inaccessible to humans. Ball's Pyramid is…

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Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island is a volcanic island in the Tasman Sea, about 700 km northeast of Sydney. Administratively, it belongs to Australia, as an "unincorporated territory". The area is 14.55 km2, 382 inhabitants live there. Along the west coast there is a sandy semi-enclosed sheltered lagoon of coral reef.  …

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Coral Sea Islands

The Coral Sea Islands are the outer territory of Australia consisting of a group of small and mostly uninhabited tropical islands and reefs in the Coral Sea, northeast of Queensland, Australia. The only inhabited island is Willis Island. The territory covers 780,000 km2 (301,160 square miles), most of which is…

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Brampton Island

Brampton Island is located in the Cumberland Group, off shore from Mackay in the Queensland, Australia. Its land area is about 4.6km2 (1136 acre), and is about 4km x 3.5km. The island is in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, and the most of the island's area forms the…

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Poole Island

It is worth mentioning Poole Island, a small specific island that has a brownish color and is almost entirely surrounded by overgrown vegetation on the reef. It is also surrounded by corals. It has land area about 20 ha, size about 750mx400m, 700ft runway for small planes, some of infrastructure,…

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Victor Island

Victor Island is located South off Mackay, and has a land area about 7,7 acres. It has a small house, freshwater dam, a lot of vegetation for its size, some planted coconut palms, nice beaches... The island generates its own power using a solar electricity system with a back-up generator.…

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Heron Island

Heron Island is a coral island in the Barrier Reef. It is 800m long and 300m wide. Its altitude at the highest point is 3.6 m. Heron is located on the part of the reef that has many species and quantities of fish. Also, there are about 200 species of…

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Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island is an island with a rainforest that covers it and its coral reef system that surrounds it. The island has an area of 838 acres (339ha), length / width of 2.8km with 1.5km and 375m above sea level. In 1770, James Cook named the island after Prime Minister…

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Temple Island

Temple Island is an island above Wild Duck Island It is large about 21.5 acres (8.68ha), 1.4km by 1.2km. It has a runway and some construction. It has good nature and beaches, and is very close to the mainland, about 1,5kms. HERE IS OUR TEMPLE ISLAND GALLERY

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Wild Duck Island

Wild Duck Island is an island 25 km west of the Duke Group  . The island is about 300 acres (121 ha), length / width about 4.5 km by 2 km. It has beaches, and one is about a kilometer long. The project was abandoned on the island 15…

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