Peter Griffith Interview

Ladies and gentlemen! I present you an interview with Peter Griffith, a professional real estate agent in Florida, USA. He is an experienced real estate agent and experienced specialist in various types of assets, including islands as well. He also sells Caille Island in Grenada. I frequently talk to him…

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Happy March 8th

In the name of blog ,,Tropical Islands" and Facebook group ,,Private Islands for Sale" we wish happy 8. march, International Women's Day!

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Blog Update 1-March-2024

Hello! We have good news and big updates! 1. We recently added a language translation option to the blog, you will see ,,Translate" button at the top right part of the blog, and once you click on it, just click on the flag representing language, and the whole blog with…

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Amin Bensalem Interview

Ladies and gentlemen! After some time, I present to you a new interview, this time with Amin S. Bensalem from Belize. He is an experienced luxury real estate specialist, who worked with HBO and Netflix as well, and works with site ,,Islands Belize Sale". He sells multiple assets (all in…

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Blog news – 31. January 2024.

Hello people! This time we got little ,,renovation, reparation, and preparation" on our menu to be more functional and easier to navigate. Now, we have a new few blog categories with their subcategories, like this: BLOG INFO category with subcategories: Blog News, About Us, Credits EDUCATIONAL INFO category with subcategories:…

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Conversation with my former mentor

Today I had the honor (after a while) to talk with my dear friend and former mentor Dr. Vladimir Momčilović, professor of sports science. Just a reminder, I finished my final exam and research (of his class in September 2022) which is actually heavily related to the subjects of this…

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2023 Anniversary ,,Dani Bananice”

It is time to mention and celebrate the anniversary of our blog. It started in April 2020, but since it is spring, we decide to make anniversaries in mid-summer, mostly in July. And since I am an administrator at a big Facebook group,,Private islands for Sale", we celebrate our anniversary…

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Happy 8. March – International Women’s Day

Staff from both facebook group ,, Private Islands for Sale" and blog ,,Tropical Islands"wish to all ladies in the group Happy Women's Day! All the best!

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Happy birthday Mr Alfredo

It is the birthday of our friend, allied and good man, creator of the group ,,Private Islands for Sale" Alfredo F. Ayme! In the name of the blog and the group, we wish you all the best, and good health in the first place!

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Wildfires in Easter Island damaged Moai Statues

Unfortunately, those are very bad news! The fire has burned more than 100 hectares of Easter Island (Rapa Nui), and damaged a lot of Moai statues!  Those statues are damaged beyond repair, according to the officials. There are many images on social networks of the island, damaged by fire and…

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