Greetings! I am Davor Todorović, graduated schoolteacher. I am currently working on my final exam for master studies (at the teacher university in Vranje, Serbia). Here is my professional biography (from educational works, community/social networks/blog management, and experiences) for years:

– Dozens of our blog articles appear on the first page on Google! As for now, 53 articles appear in the first page in Google so far (proving the quality of blogposts I wrote). Currently this blog has 314 posts, and 6167 files inside! And that is only a small part of what I have here on my PC regarding islands, 273 folders and 11564 files (images mostly, proving my dedication and research since 2018)

– I did the research for classes at my university. For the final exam I chose environmental protection to do a research project. The thesis was ,,Environmental awareness and its importance in water protection” where partially I wrote about tropical areas and islands. During my current master studies, I wrote seminary work for a methodology of scientific and professional work, and physical activity classes on a similar thesis. For geography class I wrote a big research project about ,,Tropical islands and atolls in the Pacific and problems on them” on about 255 pages. My mentor, professor, Dr. Vladimir Momčilović, and I are working on a masterwork currently. Few of my professors, including the dean Dr. Dragana Stanojević checked this blog and liked it.

– I am currently a moderator at a large Facebook group ,,Private Islands for Sale”. This group is large, it currently has around 19,4 thousand members. Administrator and creator of the group, Mr. Alfredo F Ayme (professional real estate agent, Wall Street and Miami broker, and businessman) recognized my knowledge, work, and efforts and promoted me. There, we maintain that large group, and we help out members to promote their assets better, and I met a lot of people involved in private islands (agents, owners, buyers, sellers, managers, people who maintain private islands…), and communicate regularly with some of them.

I constantly upgrade my knowledge with live communication with professionals in their region. Despite communicating with people as moderator and blogger, I also did several interviews with a few people (including some famous professionals from the group) here for this blog, and you can see them here and how people are satisfied with the blog and group, including my work. And not just that, a few private islands pages (including famous ones) were pleasant, and shared my blog posts there. Recently I had a zoom conversation with Alisha Patel from famous ,,Private Island Podcast” (she is doing professional interviews and podcasts). She checked my work and decided to call me to speak about private islands

this was in Vienna

 – I was ,,Island Consulter” for Club Fortuna as well.

Those girls made crowdfunding to buy collectively Motu Matatahi islet in French Polynesia, to raise awareness about environmental pollution in the oceans. Then I came in 2019. and gave them much information I could and had at the moment, tried to help out as I could from time to time.

– I was a map and chat moderator on Hiveworkshop (from 2008 to 2009) site and I had a few forums in the past, I got involved with forum and blog moderating as well.

we visited a botanic garden, natural-historical museum, and zoo in Vienna

This lady here is Sonja Marinković. She is my fiance. She is a master economist, and SEO specialist. She also has blogs, and was working on many other blogs. She also worked SEO in a company and is helping me here with technical stuff on this blog.