Greetings! I am Davor Todorović, graduated schoolteacher. I am currently at master studies. At university, I had both social ecology and environmental protection classes (which further sparkled my interests) and geography.

As final exam I chose environmental protection to do a research project. The thesis was ,,Environmental awareness and its importance in water protection” where partially I wrote about tropical areas and islands. I got maximum 10 ratings. During current master studies, from physical activity class I wrote seminary work about ,,sports and recreation activities in the tropical and subtropical Pacific islands“.

From geography class I wrote a big research project about ,,Tropical islands and atolls in the Pacific and the problems on them” on about 255 pages. My mentor, professor, doctor Ljiljana Mitić gave me maximum 10 rating and I will hopefully adapt this work into the final exam as well for her class.

I am proud to be ,,Island Consulter” for Club Fortuna as well.

Those girls made crowdfunding to buy collectively Motu Matatahi islet in French Polynesia, to raise awareness about environment pollution in the oceans (I will write more about it). Then I came, gave them much information I could and had in the moment, tried to help out as I could from time to time.

This lady here is Sonja Marinković. She is my fiance. She is master economist, and has her blog, and was working on other blogs. Now she works SEO in a company, and is helping me here with technical stuff on this blog.

So, while I am a horror fan (we already have our horror blog  ), still my ,,scientific region” and orientation is related to ecology and tropical islands.

This blog is non profit one, it is educational, but if you like my work and wish me to do some related work for you (you have business company, organization, resort or anything similar) and you need some written articles, contact me.