Happy birthday Mr Alfredo

It is the birthday of our friend, allied and good man, creator of the group ,,Private Islands for Sale" Alfredo F. Ayme! In the name of the blog and the group, we wish you all the best, and good health in the first place!

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Wildfires in Easter Island damaged Moai Statues

Unfortunately, those are very bad news! The fire has burned more than 100 hectares of Easter Island (Rapa Nui), and damaged a lot of Moai statues!  Those statues are damaged beyond repair, according to the officials. There are many images on social networks of the island, damaged by fire and…

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My Master Graduation 2022

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I have very good news! This is a big moment for both the blog and the group "Private Islands for Sale" where I am the administrator, because this is also a formal officialization of my efforts and work. Yesterday, on September 29, 2022, I finally graduated…

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Hurricane Ian caused power cuts in Cuba

According to our local news N1 https://rs.n1info.com/svet/cela-kuba-ostala-bez-struje-zbog-udara-uragana/  heavy hurricane Ian damaged electric installations and caused power cuts in the whole country. A Category 3 hurricane with winds of up to 190 kilometers per hour is now heading toward Florida. Cuba's state-owned power company Union Electrica said the country was without electricity…

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Typhoon Nanmadol hit Japan

Super Typhoon, named Nanmadol recently hit Japan. It was formed east of Iwo Jima, and became very powerful. its winds were 235 km per hour! According to N1 here https://rs.n1info.com/svet/devet-miliona-ljudi-trebalo-bi-da-se-evakuise-iz-svojih-domova-posto-je-japan-pogodjen-jednim-od-najjacih-tajfuna-nanmadol-u-kome-je-stradala-jedna-osoba-a-skoro-70-je-povredjeno-javlja-bbc/  currently is evacuation of 9 million people on the works because of danger this typhoon presents. They forecast around 400mm of…

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Private Islands for Sale – 5 featured Islands 8.September.2022

Hello people! It is time for new ,,Featured Islands" (for those who do not know, these Featured Islands are our feature to better promote assets from the group ,,Private Islands for Sale"). As usual, we try to put islands from various parts of the world. This time we got islands…

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Tahifehifa Island

Tahifehifa Island is a small island in the Kingdom of Tonga. Its size is 1.10 acres (4450m2), and its max length/width is around 135mX95m. This islet is round in the shape, resembling ,,Maldives-style" islands (having three ,,layers": its own small encircling shallow reef, sand surrounding the island, and green vegetation),…

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Tofua Island

Tofua Island is an island in Tonga. Its size is 19 768 acres (80 km2), and its maximum length/width is around 9,75kmX8,45km. The height of the island is 520 meters. It is a volcanic island with step sided crater-hill with a big lake in the middle of the island. Tofua…

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300 Days Alone – YouTube documentary

There is a nice and educative documentary, named ,,300 Days Alone". Swiss adventurer Xavier Rosset spent 10 months on Tofua Island in Tonga. There, you can see some survival skills, adventure, exploration, the island and its nature, etc... It was recorded in 10 episodes (each is around 10 minutes on…

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Isla Di Yerba

Isla di Yerba ( Yerba Island ) is an island in Cuaracao. Its size is about 7,3 acres (29580 m2), and its maximum length/width is about 335mX155m. It is a gradually raised island with a small height but still provides some good panoramic views from up. The island is the…

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