Tom Owens Islands

Tom Owens Islands or Tom Owens Cayes in Belize are tiny islets in the southernmost part of Belize Barrier Reef. They are located about 34,5kms southeast of Placencia's shore, and are in the region that are famous Sapodilla Cayes located. The two islands have the same name with one being…

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Tom Owen’s Islands for sale

Greetings! Recently there are two islands on sale in Belize, Town Owen's Cayes east and west. They are straight at Belize Barrier Reef, and one of them is quite unusual with buildings resembling shells! Teo of them cost 1 000 000 $, meaning two million both! For more precise information…

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Happy March 8th

In the name of blog ,,Tropical Islands" and Facebook group ,,Private Islands for Sale" we wish happy 8. march, International Women's Day!

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Blog Update 1-March-2024

Hello! We have good news and big updates! 1. We recently added a language translation option to the blog, you will see ,,Translate" button at the top right part of the blog, and once you click on it, just click on the flag representing language, and the whole blog with…

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Amin Bensalem Interview

Ladies and gentlemen! After some time, I present to you a new interview, this time with Amin S. Bensalem from Belize. He is an experienced luxury real estate specialist, who worked with HBO and Netflix as well, and works with site ,,Islands Belize Sale". He sells multiple assets (all in…

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Motu Mauu

Motu Mauu is an island in Arutua Atoll, French Polynesia, the South Pacific. Its size is 31,4 acres (127232 m2), and its maximum length/width is about 2kmX460m. Motu Mauu is located on the north side of Arutua Atoll, about 8,5km northwest of Arutua's airport. It is around 17kms northwest of…

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Tablas Island Beachfront for sale

Pedro L. Diagnice, a member of our facebook group ,,Private Islands for Sale" is selling a beachfront plot in Tablas Island, Philippines. Here are quote and images of his assets. Beach Lot for Sale! Long White Beach Total lot area 9000sqm. Price: 4,500k Php per sqm ,owners price No mark…

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,,Islands Belize Sale” site

Recently in Facebook group ,,Private Islands for Sale" appeared a new member/page named Islands Belize Sale. As the name suggests they sell islands in Belize. They promoted this resort on sale in the group They are offering more islands on their website here:

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3 atolls on sale in French Polynesia

Sometimes in French Polynesia, you can buy not just an island/motu but the whole atoll as well! Currently, on the James Edition site, there are three atolls on offer for sale: Nengo Nengo, Manuhanti, and Anuanurunga. And we wrote a while ago about all three atolls in our posts. Here…

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Blog news – 31. January 2024.

Hello people! This time we got little ,,renovation, reparation, and preparation" on our menu to be more functional and easier to navigate. Now, we have a new few blog categories with their subcategories, like this: BLOG INFO category with subcategories: Blog News, About Us, Credits EDUCATIONAL INFO category with subcategories:…

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