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Here are our ,,Featured Islands" all in one place. As we have more of such pictures, I will update this gallery. When scrolling those images, press F11 to enter and exit the ful lscreen for bigger images.


Private Islands for Sale – 5 featured Islands 26.3.2022

Hello! I present to you new ,,Featured Islands" for 26. March 2022. As usual, we try to help our members (in the facebook group ,,Private Islands for Sale" where I am a moderator) promote their islands better, for free of course. There are many more islands available there! https://www.facebook.com/groups/PrivateIslandsforSale Have…


Joshua Darling Interview

Joshua Darling, a professional real estate from Nassau in the Bahamas (a place with great history, one of the old pirate centers), is an expert in selling all types of assets (private islands, beachfront, condos..). He has his ,,Bahamas Properties 242" which sells tons of stuff, mostly exclusive to him,…


Bird Island (Florida)

  Bird Island is an island in Florida. In Central Florida, more precisely, in Griffin Lake. Where people are used mostly on coastal tropical islands, this one is a bit different, it is a subtropical fresh lake island. It provides different types of enjoyment. That region is surrounded by lakes,…


Mathiveri Finolhu Island

Mathiveri Finolhu is an island in the Maldives. It is located on the north of the Ari Atoll. Its size is 18000m2, and its maximum length/width is about 450mX50m, making it very long compared to how wide it is (usually, islands in the Maldives are round-shaped, but there are variations…

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Private Islands for Sale – 5 featured Islands 11.3.2022

Hello people! I am presenting you new ,,Featured Islands" part, for 11. March 2022, as part of the double promotion feature. People who promote islands on ,,Private islands for Sale" facebook group also have some access to this blog as well, as I am a moderator there. This time list…


Oliver A. Fernandez Interview

Hello people! This time around we got an interview with a family guy, who sells his family island in the Philippines. Oliver A. Fernandez is one of our first,,Exclusive Islands" people. He worked in Department of Health (DOH Philippines), and now, he was kind to answer those questions (I am…