Pinaki Atoll VIDEOS

Here are three short videos (less than one minute each) about Pinaki Atoll (blogpost about it is here ).

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Lidl Caribbean Style 2022 locally

Yeah, recently our local Lidl released their limited ,,Caribbean Style" food and drinks, which is suitable for tropical-themed parties and summertime overally. And of course, we bought some stuff for our upcoming parties with a tropical Tiki theme. That is nice and delicious stuff. Here is what some of it…

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Cheapest tropical private island for 40 000 $

This 3-acre island in Panama is currently the cheapest island in the world (I think) for 40 000$! its location is in Bocas Del Toro, in the Caribbean part. Have in mind that it is very cheap most likely because it is partially submerged, its purpose is to build an…

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Consultation with my mentor

Today (2. August 2022) I met with professor Vladimir Momčilović to show him the first version of my finished masterwork. The name of the thesis is ,,Games in the summer period with children of younger school age" with the subject partially related to this work and the group as part…

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Little Calabash Caye

Little Calabash Caye is a tiny islet in Belize. Its size is just 0.1 acres, more precisely 4356 sq ft or 404m2. Its max length/width is around 44mX32m, and is located around 110m east of the main bigger Calabash Caye. Those islands are part of the famous Turneffe Atoll (they…

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Top Picks: Posts in group by various popularity

Hello people! We are presenting our top-picks posts in the group by various types of popularity. For example, one is according to our administrator's statistics we have, one is about the post that a member posted (his asset sale for example) that has the most views/range, and one is about…

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Cave Cay

Cave Cay is an island in Exhuma Cays, in the Bahamas. Its size is 220 acres (89ha), and its maximum length/width is around 2,83kmX730m. The island most likely got its name due to the few caves it has. Cave Cay is located at a very popular destination, its first neighbor…

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Cave Cay Gallery


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Private Atoll Educative Lesson

Greetings ladies and gentlemen! Since this recent nengo Nengo atoll got popular, and we got some questions, I decided to post a lesson about private atolls. Have in mind that there are not many atolls on sale right now (maybe just three at this moment), so we do not have…

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