Motu Mauu

Motu Mauu is an island in Arutua Atoll, French Polynesia, the South Pacific. Its size is 31,4 acres (127232 m2), and its maximum length/width is about 2kmX460m. Motu Mauu is located on the north side of Arutua Atoll, about 8,5km northwest of Arutua’s airport. It is around 17kms northwest of the Rautini settlement, where most people and activities on the atoll are located. The south side of the island sits on the lagoon, while the north side is on the ocean.

Arutua Atoll from the distance

Arutua Atoll is an atoll that has around 800 people and has a roughly pentagonal shape. Its Length 31 km , width 24 km. Its land area is 15 km2, while its lagoon area is 484 km2, and that lagoon is wide and has a navigable passage on the southeast side of the atoll, where Rautini is located. The lagoon is typical of that type of lagoon in the region. it consists of turquoise and other fine blue water shades, coral heads around, and nice white beaches on the islands. Motu Mauu features such scenery as well.

small tree on the beach

Also, Motu Mauu is mostly covered in green vegetation, featuring many coconut palms, bushes, grass, combination of rocky/sandy beaches, and it is also a partially developed island, having some structures on its south side on the lagoon. Motu Mauu is currently on the market for 5 250 000 €, but for that information, you have to look elsewhere as we write from educational and commentary points of view and are not directly involved in sales. I will provide information from Pascal Charaix, a member of our facebook group ,,Private Islands for Sale” who is officially set to sell this island. That post is here (the group is private, you have to log in)

palms, beach, and rocks. it seems very peaceful and calmed there.

Here is a quote from Pascal Charaix:

IA ORA NA And if your dream comes true by treating yourself to a Private Island in Paradise! Private residence and/or idyllic high-end hotel, in complete privacy, pearl farm or vineyard, all projects are viable as long as nature and traditional culture are preserved. From Marlon Brando, to Diana Ross, to the director of Cirque du Soleil, many personalities have crossed the threshold of this peaceful and still attractive life that is French Polynesia. French Polynesia is one of the most incredible and heavenly places on Earth. The atoll has its own airfield 10 minutes from Motu. Named Motu (meaning island in Polynesian) MAUU, this paradise island offers you beaches of fine sand but also coral and a very beautiful coconut grove. Its exotic corals and marine life guarantee you unforgettable dives. Its 127,232 m2 make it the largest private island still available for sale. Untouched by any construction, everything is possible, from a private residence to a high-end ecological hotel complex, a copra crop or even a pearl farm…or all of this at the same time is possible due to its surface area. almost 13 hectares! Rangiroa Atoll and its airport are just 25 minutes away by boat and daily flights serve it from Tahiti. It is the largest in Polynesia and one of the most recognized scuba diving destinations. You will find many shops, restaurants, schools, materials merchants, and even a French vineyard! The sale will be made before a French and/or Polynesian Notary. Under French law, the sale will be in full ownership and not under a long lease or occupation contract as is the case for 90% of the Islands for sale in the World. A surveyor commissioned by the Polynesian and French State visited the Motu a few years ago and concluded that the Motu Mauu had gained in surface area due to sea currents and the addition of sand and corals. The Motu does not suffer from rising water levels due to global warming or erosion but benefits from this phenomenon via the supply of sediments and the expansion of its surface area. Its highest point being at 3 meters above sea level. A French public scientific organization confirmed this in a very detailed report which can be annexed to the sale and contractually initialed. To your dreams to your desires… Sincerely Pascal Charaix
For Sale 5 250 000 €.

Here is Motu Mauu Gallery (27 pictures, click on a picture and wait for a little until the gallery loads, then scroll left/right, and press Esc to exit, optionally you can press F11 for a bigger gallery)

This post has been made in collaboration with Pascal Charaix, providing us with some information and pictures