Tekokota Atoll

Tekokota Atoll is an atoll in French Polynesia. It is one of many Tuamotu atolls, in the central part. Its maximum length/width are 4kmX2,2km. Its size is about 222 acres (0.9km2), making it one of the smallest atolls in the Tuamotu Archipelago. Tekokota Atoll is around 696km east of Tahiti’s shore. The closest place is inhabited Hikueru Atoll, about 25kms south of Tekokota.

one of rare islets/motus

Tekokota Atoll is oval in shape. It is an uninhabited atoll. A large part of it is submerged. Most part of the atoll is rocky/dried coral combined with rocks and sand. It has only a few islets/motus with some vegetation on them, on the south side of the atoll. On the northern part, there is more vegetation (up to kilometer in lenght) as the ground in that part seems similar to other atolls, and allows some growth of vegetation.

some trees are scattered around.

However, unlike other atolls with sand and a lot of vegetation, especially coconut palms, Tekokota is quite different, it lacks ,,useful” landmass compared to its size, and a big amount of rocky soil prevents much vegetation from growing there. Seems that there are no coconuts at all. In some rocky parts, you can still find bush or trees here and there, but mostly it is empty.

that part is decently covered in vegetation. We see part of its stunning lagoon.

The main attraction is its lagoon, which is decently shallow, with many corals and coral heads, creating very nice natural visual effects. It has many shades of bright blue and turquoise colors. Also, there are various birds on the atoll. According to Wikipedia, Tekokota Atoll was first visited by James Cook in 1773. He gave name to Tekokota Atoll ,,Doubtful”.

that beautiful lagoon is the atoll’s main attraction

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