Blue Lagoon (Rangiroa Atoll)

Blue Lagoon in Rangiroa is a famous place, not only on the atoll but in the whole country. It is actually a “lagoon in a lagoon” phenomenon, like a small atoll in a larger one. It is located about 28.5 km southwest of Tiputa. It is a crater with shallow water and a lot of coral heads. The greatest distance in the lagoon (from one motu to the other across) is 1.6 km. It is a beautiful place, perhaps one of the most beautiful in the world.

we see kids playing with small sharks in the lagoon. Very safe place.

Perfectly bright blue water, bright white sand, lots of coconut palms, birds, fish, that’s a real pleasure. Shallow water has a lot of sharks playing with children! Since the water is shallow, larger fish cannot come here. But driving a boat there can be a little awkward depending on the weather.

lot of coral heads in lagoon to add to the beautiful scenery
you can observe the lagoon in the coconut palm’s shadow
small reef sharks in the lagoon
Unfortunately, there is no longer awesome video of the Blue Lagoon from Ennio, but I have this screenshot only left as proof! Just look how shallow water is there.