Nukutavake Island, AkiAki Island and Vahitahi Atoll

Nukutavake Island is an island located 1125km east of Tahiti. The nearest country is the small Pinaki Atoll, located 14 km southeast. Its length / width is 5km by 1.5km. It is a former atoll, its lagoon has dried up, filled with sand and grown. There is a lot of white sand, coconut palms. There is a runway on the island, and 177 people live there who are engaged in fishing and copra.

AkiAki Island is also a former atoll located 90 km northwest of Nukutavaka Island. Its length / width is 1.9km with 870m. The island is surrounded by white beaches, there are a lot of coconuts. Akiaki is uninhabited, but it is occasionally visited because of the coconut plantation. There are some buildings on the island.

Vahitahi Atoll is an atoll which is located about 41kms southeast from AkiAki, and about 55ms north from Nukutavake. Vahitahi has an elongated oval shape. It measures approximately 41km/4.5 km. Its reef encloses completely the lagoon. There were 105 inhabitants according to the 2012 census.