Motu Matatahi

Motu Matatahi is a small island (located in Rangiroa Atoll ) of 1.80 acres (7284m2), length / width 120m by 85m, and is located about 5km southeast of the Blue Lagoon. Along Matatahi are two islands, up to 50m away by Hoa easy passage, and these are the easternmost islands of the Blue Lagoon. The next island is about 7.5 km away, except for some sandy deposits without vegetation. Matatahi is known for being cheap for sale (about $ 250,000, now withdrawn) until the end of last year, so many online newspapers wrote about it, among other similar islands in the world, islands at the price of an apartment in the metropolis.

very nice and inspiring scenery.

As I wrote before, girls from Club Fortuna created crowdfunding to collectively purchase island to be saved, as good example and even now, I still talk with their ex member, Julia Rublow.

And this island is very beginning of my researches (along with few ones, but Matatahi was first).

despite being tiny, it has dense vegetation
view from above


And here is the video!


I remember after those years Motu Matatahi promotion worldwide ,,surrounded by lagoon…. with crystalline waters…. beautiful sandy beaches…. and palm trees…..”. It was in many news magazines and places for sale, since it was adorable and cheap. ,,Motu Matatahi Association” were collecting fundraising money to buy this islet. Now it is all history, but memories are still here. Tropical Islands blog is perhaps the only place that mentions the name of this island, once solid popular. Everything else seems inactive or archived.

Yes, today (and this period) is exactly 4 years after I created the first album! The first few pictures in the album were downloaded,,Wednesday, ‎February ‎21, ‎2018, ‏‎11:41:12 PM”.  Next few ones were added in ,,Saturday, ‎February ‎24, ‎2018, ‏‎6:14:34 AM”, and the last one in ,,Tuesday, ‎April ‎24, ‎2018, ‏‎4:44:30 AM” alongside with video. Then Motu Matatahi album was completed. But there is one image ,,MotuMatatahiMap” which predates those pictures from ,,Saturday, ‎February ‎10, ‎2018, ‏‎7:09:56 AM”. Its purpose was that I can remember where the island is located so I can find it (I knew about it much before, but the album came later).

Now, I have here ,,19,330 Files, 414 Folders” in this very moment. But I still remember creating those first folders.