Nengo Nengo Atoll

Nengo Nengo Atoll (or Nengonengo Atoll) is a bell-shaped atoll. It is located 100km southwest of Hao Atol, and 775km east of Tahiti. Its area is 2223 acres (900 ha). Its large inland lagoon covers 67 km2 and has served as the breeding ground for the Tahitian Black Pearl for the past twenty years. Its length / width is 13km by 8km. A true masterpiece of nature, Nengonengo has its own runway and infrastructure that was used to accommodate about 80 workers who worked on the bead farm, who were supplied with a cargo ship once a month.

it has beautiful islets/motus

There is a narrow passage to enter the lagoon from the north side. It has bright white beaches, coconut palms, piers … What a great potential this atoll has. Airstrip, infrastructure, private lagoon for both water activities and pearl production, lot of islands, white sandy beaches, coconut and other tropical vegetation, isolation…. And it was on sale for years and nobody bought it. It was the best atoll in the world for sale.

nice view. We see nice water shades with coral heads, beach with dense vegetation and ocean at a distance

Robert Wan is the owner of Nengonengo Atoll. He is said to be the most famous right after the president. The man is very rich, he has several atolls and farms of black pearls, pearls which he supplies locally and globally. But, he was in court precisely because of the presumed illegal business and activities (about atolls, but the case was dismissed). Namely, back in 2002, he bought Anuanurunga atoll. The then-president of French Polynesia, Gaston Flosse allegedly paid him $ 9 million from a public fund for Robert Wan to buy an atoll, abusing his position (that’s how they claimed against him). They ended up in court for it. He was accused of giving Wan money several times the amount that the atoll was worth at the time. Gaston Flosse defended that the permit was given by the then Minister of Finance Georges Puchon. They dragged themselves through the court for years because of that, and in 2016, only to be finally dismissed by the French court in 2017.

The atoll has a lot of white sandy beaches and awesome bright blue waters for full enjoyment

This atoll is perfect for both private escape and business opportunities, as it is completely isolated from everyday problems (especially post-corona and current situation with wars), it has a potent pearl farm, and preserved nature. And is good for tourists to offer classical renowned South-Pacific Tahitian enjoyment!

nice marina and infrastructure. We see part of runway there.
beautiful scenery. Everything is in place, coconut palms, beaches, lagoon water and ocean behind
the atoll has a plenty of sandbars as well

Here is video of Nengonengo Atoll:


(This post is updated in 26-April-2022)