Raivavae Island

Raivavae island is located in the southern part of French Polynesia. Its total land area, including offshore islets is 17.9 km2. Raivavae is located about 730 km southeast of Tahiti. Around 900 people live on the island. It is volcanic in origin, and is similar to Bora Bora, an island in the middle surrounded by an atoll (with lot of motus). Highest point on the island is 437m on Mount Hiro.

map view

The island has a large lagoon circled by a coral reef consisting of 28 motu. The cool tropical climate allows for agriculture. People grow there coffee, coconuts, bananas, mangos… “Raivavae” or “the open sky” is a great island with beautiful scenery. It has all nice features such as flats, hills, dense vegetation, coconuts, white sandy beaches, corals, lagoon, turquoise waters and lot of motus.

view from hill. We can see motus at a distance

Due to its isolation and because residents chose so, it is safe from hotels and developments. It still has pensions there. There are tikis and archeological remains on the island. There are also caves. Rivavae is very nice place for those who want to relax from busy ,,modern” world.

lot of white sandy beaches and turquoise waters
a dense vegetation
one of few pensions on the island
nice scenery

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