Manuhangi Atoll

Manuhangi Atoll is an atoll located 70km southeast of Nengonengo Atoll , 845km east of Tahiti. Its area is 575 acres (232ha). Its length / width is 5.2km by 3km. Manuhangi is round in shape, and there are no passages for deep water, the whole lagoon is closed, on the south side there are only two shallow passages between the lagoon and the ocean, so the water is saltier than in the ocean.

good shallow waters in Manuhangi

The atoll has a lot of sandy beaches, but in some places there are rocks. Manuhangi is a protected area and there are various species of birds in the atoll. Part of the land is planted with coconut palms. Apart from birds, the fauna of the island consists mainly of coconut crabs. It has 3 houses and a chapel on it, and water cisterns.

lagoon and vegetation
an islet/motu in the atoll
small reef sharks in shallows
rocky parts of the atoll