Mehetia Island

Mehetia Island is a volcanic island 110km southeast of Tahiti. Its area is 2.3 km2. Length / width are 1.8km by 1.5km. The height is as much as 435m, which is big for an island of that area. The island literally looks like an ingrown volcano. There is no beach, no lagoon, it rises high immediately. At the top of the peak is a crater with a diameter of 220m, which has grown into vegetation. There are no inhabitants on the island, but it is private and has a house with a solar panel upstairs, almost from the very top. Mehetia is the youngest volcanic geological formation, and an active volcano. The last underwater eruption occurred in 1981 nearby at a depth of about 1600m.

wee see big nice crater overgrown with vegetation
nature on Mehetia Island
a large slope on the other side