Niau Atoll

Niau Atoll is an atoll located northeast of Tahiti about 350km. Its area is 53km2. The Niau Lagoon is swampy, hypersaline and completely closed. Atoll in some places has a natural wall of 7m. The lagoon has an unusual green color. 226 people live on the atoll. Niau is one of the few locations where the original forest ecosystem has been preserved. This ecosystem has disappeared on almost all other atolls in Tuamotu.

nice water color, specific green shade

The forest is preserved in the central parts of the island. It contains several endemic species of plants and animals. Niau is part of the Fakarava UNESCO biosphere reserve. Coconut oil that people produce is certified with a label of organic origin.

beautiful scenery! Coconut palms on the beach at greenish lagoon
big coral deposits, behaving like a natural wall of the lagoon
nice golden colored corals near beach
we see various vegetation. Many endemic plants and trees are still present on the atoll