Taiaro Atoll

Taiaro Atoll is an atoll located 536 km northeast of Tahiti. Its area is 2965 acres (1200ha), length / width 5.7km by 3.6km. It is a closed atoll, which means that there is no flow of deep water from the ocean into the lagoon, so the lagoon is hypersaline. Taiaro is home to 23 different plant species, and coconut palms. Its hypersaline lagoon is home to 23 species of mollusks and 50 species of various fish. It has good coral beaches, and dense vegetation.

nice beach and water colors

The uninhabited Taiaro is privately owned by V.A. Robinson, who declared it a nature reserve in 1972. The atoll was officially declared a UNESCO biosphere reserve in 1977. It was on sale until recently.

nice beach shapes. We can see shallow pass here
we can see house from here in this very quiet place
dense vegetation even in lagoon’s beach
view from above

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