Pinaki Atoll

Pinaki Atoll is a small atoll 1115km east of Tahiti. Its length / width is 2km by 1.5km. On the whole atoll, only one island is completely wrapped in a ring, and has a passage on the west side, which connects the lagoon with the ocean, but the lagoon is shallow with coral deposits protruding from it. Ships and boats cannot pass there.

nice corals around

In that lagoon, people catch fish and octopuses well. Pinaki is located 14 km southeast of Nukutavake, which is the closest populated place. Pinaki is uninhabited, but is sometimes visited by villagers from the neighboring island of Nukutavake. There are a couple of buildings, a church, coconut plantations. The atoll is small and beautiful, and the calm of that place can be felt through the pictures. One of the best and calmest atolls in the world, according to my opinion.

we see Pinaki’s shallow lagoon. A very beautiful place
people easily catch fish in that lagoon
there is also a church on the atoll, between palms
we see people catching fish in the shallows

Now, you will get a link from our Pinaki Atoll gallery, and an additional link for Pinaki Atoll videos! There are three short videos from a few years ago (TV documentary promotions), and I decided today (5. August 2022) to upload them and make a separate post, so people can see the beautiful lagoon and how people there catch fish, prepare food and make copra on the atoll.