Tilagica Island

Tilagica Island is an island in Fiji, the South Pacific. Its size is 53 acres (21,4 ha) and its maximum length/width is around 1,1kmX820m (mangroves included).  The island is located in the northeast part of Vanua Levu Island, around 2,2km from its shore. It is a bit raised with its maximum height being 5 ft (1,5m). It is one of the northernmost islands.

a nice view and scenery

Tilagica Island is almost the whole covered in green. It has a lot of vegetation and is almost completely surrounded by vegetation and its shores with mangroves. In fact, they had to cut one small part of it (on the southeast side of the island) to access it at all. That is a great advantage as it offers some protection from high waves and some winds. It also collects many fish.

there is plenty of vegetation on the island

Speaking of vegetation, there are also many coconut palms on the island and other planted trees such as bananas, mangoes, and papayas. They even make their juices from fruits that grow on the island. There is also a beach (around 70 m long) that is muddy and brown in color. That may be the only disadvantage there, color of the beach and water as usually people expect white sandy beaches and bright blue or turquoise waters.

new buildings, ready for guests

But that soil there is fertile, so many plants can grow. And right after the beach, around 20 m away, there are a few buildings, strategically set up. They directly overlook the beach and the ocean as well as surrounding islands at the distance. The infrastructure on Tilagica Island is relatively new, everything is setup nicely, and has everything needed there, so the island is ready to be equipped at any moment.

beach on the island

Regarding this infrastructure, here is a quote from Tilagica’s own website (Tilagica in the Fiji Islands https://www.fijiislandforsale-tilagica.com/ )

There are three existing structures and caretaker’s quarters on the island, with a total of five bedrooms and five large, modern baths. The central Fijian-style bure (bungalow) home, constructed of sturdy concrete, features tall ceilings with fans, light-tiled floors and beautiful dark wood appointments. A large kitchen occupies the airy great room. The lovely lawn slopes from the living quarters to the water’s edge where the mountains of Vanua Levu can be seen in the distance.

Most importantly, the key infrastructure is modern, functional and operational, and includes solar power, a substantial diesel generator and a 45,000-liter water storage facility. Cell phone service also is available. The buildings and infrastructure were constructed from 2012 to 2015, but the original owner never occupied the island. Although a caretaker resides on the island while awaiting sale, the homes have never been occupied; so new owners can truly make Tilagica their own.

a relatively close proximity from the beach to the house

Recently I had the honor to meet the owner of Tilagica Island on Facebook, Nancy Anne Dalporto. She is promoting Tilagica Island for sale in group ,,Private Islands for Sale” where I am the administrator. Yes, this island is for sale for some time now, it is a freehold island, for more info contact her as we write from educational and commentary points and are not involved directly in the sales of islands.

Tilagica Island from Google Earth

Nancy and I talked about the island. She was giving me some additional information so I can sum it up here. Here is a small part of her quote:

Yes, we’ve always had a caretaker living there the whole time. He does harvest some of the fruit and take it into the land mainland. He always says the fishing is fantastic around the island.

Here is Tilagica Island Gallery (42 pictures, click on a picture and wait for a little until the gallery loads, then scroll left/right, and press Esc to exit, optionally you can press F11 for a bigger gallery)

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