Wailagilala Atoll

Wailagilala Atoll (also known as Wailagilala Island and Wailagi Lala ) is an atoll north of Vanu Balavu about 41km, to its reef or 46km to the first island. It is the northernmost place in the Lau Group. Its area is 74 acres (30ha) and the highest height is only 3m. In some places, it is mentioned that it is the only true atoll in Fiji (many behave like an atoll due to its complex composition and insufficient research).

Beautiful scenery, typical to other atolls and low flat islands

Its crater is rounded, and two islands (with a distance of less than 100m in shallow water) are located on the northeast side. There is a passage in the central-western part of the lagoon. From the beginning of one island to the end of the other, it is about 1.8 m and about 480 m wide. It has a lighthouse. This is fantastic atoll!

Very pure and fine white sand!
that sand blends very well with this fantastic turquoise water

Typical of an atoll, it is surrounded by bright white beaches and crystal clear waters and an excellent lagoon. Vegetation adapted to low saline soil (shrubs, coconut, etc.).

Fiji’s Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan outline that the seabird nesting colony and marine ecosystem of the atoll contribute to its national significance.

here we see vegetation adapted to sandy salty soil
We see shallow water and people enjoying in the atoll. At the south end of the atoll there is a sandy area like this which create ,,double waves” from left and right, so you can enjoy even more tiny waves crashing into sand

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