Mamanuca Group

MAMANUCA GROUP in Fiji is the most popular group of islands in that country. It is located west of Nadi (the second largest city with an international airport). These are volcanic islands, and there are about 25 of them, but several of them are partially or completely submerged during high tide.
The most famous among them is certainly Monuriki Island, where one of the best films of all time, Castaway from 2000, starring Tom Hanks, was shot. Also, last year, an excellent movie ,,Sweetheart” (from talented director J.D. Dillard) was shot on one island of the group, in Bounty Island, providing awesome scenery in the movie.

Here we see from the air how the Mamanuka Group of Islands can be seen. On the upper left we see the famous Monuriki. By the way, many resorts are in that group. Bounty Island (from Sweetheart movie) is about 19-20km left from Mana Island