Yacata and Kaibu Islands

Yacata and Kaibu Islands. I put these two islands together because they are next to each other, surrounded by a common reef that protects them along with a few other smaller islands inside. They are located about 33km to the left of Kanacea Island https://tropicalislands.net/kanacea-island/ . Yacata island is about 4.3 km long / 2.8 km long / wide, it has plains, a hill, coconut plantations, a village. Kaibu is an island of 800 acres (323ha), length / width about 2.7km by 700m. It has a famous ultra luxury resort where Megan Markle and Prince Harry stayed in 2018. The owner of the resort is the American billionaire Jim Janard. The island has a runway, a dock for ships. The resort is called Vatuvara Private Islands. There is also Vatuvara Fiundation, dedicated to fight climate change and help the environment as possible.

We see lots of white sandy beaches, smaller islands scattered around and turquoise waters
nice lagoon between islands
we see runway at Kaibu. There is Mago Island (owned by Mel Gibson) in distance.

On October 10, 2017 (On Fiji’s Independence Day), they announced a ban on fishing on the islands due to the restoration of the ecosystem https://www.vatuvara.org/blog/yacataislanddeclaretabuarea121017 . Cyclone Winston dangerously damaged the islands https://tropicalislands.net/lau-islands-and-cyclone-devastation/ . These are very beautiful islands that also have plains, hills, coconuts and other plantations, as well as a group of islands surrounded by a common ridge. Unique in the Lau group.

beautiful Yacata island
beautiful lagoon
hill on Yacata Island
nice beach on Yacata Island

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