Vatuvara Island

Vatuvara Island or Vatu Vara Island is an island below Yacata and Kaibu (I wrote about them here )about 16.5km. Its area is about 1000 acres (405ha), length / width about 2.2km by 2.3km. Its height is 305m, the highest in the Lau Group. Its top is flat at the end of the hill, so the island looks like a hat, that’s what they call it, and they orient themselves towards it. It is a former atoll, an extinct volcano that has grown, and limestone has accumulated. Later, the island grew into a dense tropical jungle.

just look at this beautiful island
nice view from above

As a former atoll, it has the remains of an old lagoon, a good sandy base, which creates a bright blue water. It has bright white sandy beaches, a flat part, palm trees along the coast … Billionaire Jim Janard bought it in 2006 for $ 75 million at the time as the most beautiful and most expensive island in Fiji. In the same time he bought Kaibu Island with resorts there, and redesigned and converted it into today’s Vatuvara Private Islands and Vatuvara Foundation. Yes, a bit confusing. The resort is located in Kabul, but the name is Vatuvara, regardless that Vatuvara Island is across and is uninhabited.

here you can see everything such as awesome hill, beach, palms, limestone cliff, corals and lagoon. Vatuvara!
this is very pretty scenery on the island ,,inside”. We see it’s an untouched jungle.
interesting beach. We see Yacata and Kaibu islands at distnce
Katy Miller, scientist from Vatuvara foundation, checking plants and animals inside the island. I wish I was there too, to see this awesome jungle

Did you like pictures? Can’t resist? We have more! (By the way, this is why we must protect those islands, or we won’t enjoy those views soon. Climate change is challenging this all!)


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