Vatuvara Private Islands Group on sale

One of the best private islands in the world, Vatuvara, Kaibu, Adavaci and Kanacea Islands are on sale since recently.  I already wrote about each of them before:

Kaibu Island

Vatuvara Island

Kanacea Island

Adavaci Island

But back then I was writing about their beauty and natural protection, and I did not know that this all will be on sale very soon. Either because of coronavirus or the other issue owner had, but he put it on sale. And now, this is one of the best pack in the world, of not the best at all! (even prince Harry and Megan Markle stayed at the resort, plus Vatuvara foundation is included in the sale).

It costs quite lot, about 155 million dollars! More about this on Vladi Private Islands

And here is video of Vatuvara Private Islands on sale: