3 atolls on sale in French Polynesia

Sometimes in French Polynesia, you can buy not just an island/motu but the whole atoll as well! Currently, on the James Edition site, there are three atolls on offer for sale: Nengo Nengo, Manuhanti, and Anuanurunga. And we wrote a while ago about all three atolls in our posts. Here are offers:

Nengo Nengo offer https://www.jamesedition.com/real_estate/nengonengo-french-polynesia/somptueuse-ile-privee-l-atoll-de-nengo-nengo-11028185

Our blogpost: https://tropicalislands.net/nengo-nengo-atoll/

Manuhangi Atoll offer https://www.jamesedition.com/real_estate/manuhangi-french-polynesia/ile-privee-atoll-au-tuamotu-atoll-de-manuhangi-12044717

Our blogpost: https://tropicalislands.net/manuhangi-atoll/

Note that since their asset is in French instead of English for some reason, I translated it here via AI:

Title: Manuhangi: A Paradise Atoll in the Paumotu Archipelago


Manuhangi, also known as Te Fara, is an atoll in the Paumotu Archipelago in French Polynesia. It is named after the rare and beautiful endemic bird species that inhabit this atoll and the surrounding atolls with mythical names such as Paraoa, Nengo Nengo, and Ahunui.

Description of the atoll:

Manuhangi is home to numerous endemic tree species, including pandanus, as well as coconut palms and other plants. The pandanus fruit is tart and slightly sweet.

The atoll is 5.4 km long, 3.6 km wide, and has a surface area of 1 km². The lagoon has an area of 7 km² and has no pass.


The atoll is uninhabited, but it is used as a base by Paumotu fishermen who have installed a water tank there.

Development potential:

A photovoltaic power plant could easily and efficiently provide the energy needs for a project adapted to this location.

Experienced construction and infrastructure projects have been implemented in the region, including the island of Nukutepipi, which was developed by billionaire Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque du Soleil.

Airport construction experts live in Tahiti and could contribute their knowledge and expertise to such a project.

Anuanurunga Atoll offer https://www.jamesedition.com/real_estate/hao-french-polynesia/anuanurunga-preserved-island-11170307

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