List of websites for sale private islands

Hello. I was talking with someone who wants to buy a private island, and I showed him many links which I have. Since I have many sites bookmarked and scattered, I decided that it is better to open a blog post here to post the list of all sites which sell islands or beachfront (have in mind that some places sell many assets, including islands, so I will post links leading to islands in those cases) for better finding for me and everyone else. I will update this list as more sites we find.

1. Facebook group ,,Private Islands for Sale”

2. Private Islands INC

3. Vladi Private Islands

4. Sotheby’s International Realty

5. James Edition

6. Island Seeker

7. Christie’s International Real Estate

8. Property Investor

9. Luxury Real Estate

10. 7th Heaven Properties

11. One Caribbean Estates

12. Carisla

13. BMA Placencia Belize Real Estate

14. Private Islands Online Australia

15. Spanish Wells Realty

16. Coldwell Banker

17. Island Real Estate

18. The Grenadines Collection

19. Vista Real Estate

20. Prime Location

21. Kestrel Investment Seychelles

22. Suntanner

23. Panama Realtor

24. Tropic Lands Real Estate

25. Encuentra 24

26. Bahamas Islands

27. Trust Invest real Estate (Maldives Islands for sale)

28. Nova Scotia Immobilien

29. McCarroll Real Estate

30. Bahamas Realty

31. Real Estate Brazil

33. Brazil Bahia Property

33. Bequia Real Estate

34. Hesed Realty LTD.

35. Find Islands

36. Waterfront Real Estate Vanuatu

37. Re/Max Vip Belize

38. Re/Max 1st Choice Belize[]=Island/Caye&action=searchresults

39. Islands Belize Sale

Now, those are either old or nonfunctional places, but good to have them for some information anyway:

1. IslandSaleRu (Russian site with tons of islands)

2. Caribbean Islands Brokers (got of webarchive after went down this year)

3. Brazil Beach House