List of islands & beachfronts for offer in the group ,,Private Islands for Sale”

This post is supposed to list (as much as we can) assets from the facebook group ,,Private Islands for Sale” where I am the administrator. As the main drawback of Facebook is that posts overlap each other, and after some time older posts can be hardly found (and our group is private as a bonus), this post is actually meant to keep listings in one place.

Have in mind that we cannot list everything and that we have nothing to do with sales, we are an educative blog, we just do this for free to help our members in the group, and are not responsible for information here. Also, have in mind that the group is private, you have to join to see posts!

Listing from Alfredo F Ayme (Miami, USA)

Listings from Augusto Berrio (Panama)

Listings from Joshua Darling (the Bahamas)

Listings from Theresa Prinsloo (Belize)

Listings from Joan Paguntalan (Philippines)

Listing from Flavia and Mauro Bersani (France)

Listing from Oliver A Fernandez (Philippines)

Listings from Francesca Grillo (Waterfront Real Estate Vanuatu)

Listings from Casey Inman (USA)

Listings from Ntongo Joan Sarah (Uganda)

Listing from Peter Griffith (Grenada)

That is it, for now, it will be updated, there are tons of those listings from various people