Adavaci Island

Adavaci Island is also part of Vanu Balavu, and only a kilometer and something from the Bay of the Islands (actually it is always visible from the air when they paint the Bay of the Islands) so it is in a strategic position. Its area is 102 acres (41ha), length / width (with mangroves on the shore) about 970m by 950m (including islets). In the middle of the beach Adavaci island has a small island glued to it (180m by 65m), and is less than 50m from the beach, so you can reach it on foot. Islands that rarely have satellite islands are so close that they are literally in the middle, which means that a great lagoon is created from one end of the island and the other towards the middle, merging with the satellite. The island has coconut plantations, a house for the owner, several beaches, plains, hills. All that, and the proximity to the Bay of Islands makes it very tempting to exploit (which will be discussed later). Cyclone Winston damaged the island well. That is beautiful island. It also has nice corals around.

Beautiful beach and satellite island
coconut plantation and hill
view from above
famous Kanacea Island in the background