Vanua Balavu

In the pictures we see various parts of Vanua Balavu Island

Vanua Balavu is the main island of the Northern Lau Group. It is a volcanic island with coral islands around and a coral reef surrounding it. The area is 57km2. Highest height 283m. Population of about 1200 people located in 17 villages, with Lomaloma being the main village with about 250 people. The island also has an airport, a school and a small hospital. There is plenty of spring water and even hot water on the island. To the east are the Exploring Isles, islands that are scattered from the coast of Vanu Balava to the end of the ridge that surrounds it. Otherwise, the length of the ridge from north to south is about 37 km! The most famous place is the Bay of Islands, with many small coral islands that are a real sensation in this part, and Fiji in general.

When Tonga invaded Fiji in the past and wanted to take it, they had their main base on that island, so even today there are descendants of Tonga, and even their architecture and influence, so this place is literally a bridge between two cultures, the Polynesian and Melanesian, where Fiji belongs.