Some of Mamanuca Islands: Matamanoa Island, Mana Island, Tokiriki Island, Mociu Island and Wadigi Island

Matamanoa Island has a resort on it. Length / width is about 600m by 250m. Although it has a beautiful reef, beaches, hills and greenery, a lot has been built on a small island (about 33 bungalows, plus swimming pools, various buildings and infrastructure, dining rooms …). A lot of tourists come to the island because it is located about 4 kilometers from Monuriki Island.

Matamanoa Island

Mana Island is an island in front of Matamanoe, about 4.5km. Length / width is 2.8km with 800m. The island has a specific shape because one half is crooked, while the other half is a ridge, and it is cut by a lagoon in the middle. There are even dark and black corals on the beaches. The island has a runway and its own small airport, where planes regularly land from Nadi International Airport to the island. Seaplanes and ships are even offered. Of course, we can conclude that all this means that the island is crowded with people and that it is heavy developed, considering that it is a good location, and that Monuriki is close.

Mana Island

Tokoriki Island is an island 1.8 km long / 700 m wide. The island has its own coral reef that surrounds it, and many diving sites. The island also has a large resort and numerous tourists. Tokiriki is about 6 km north-east from Monuriki Island.

Tokiriki Island

Mociu Island is a small island (215m by 180m) that has a hill even though it is small. The island also has some vegetation, and coconut palms on the beach. It is surrounded by a coral reef that is part of a larger system of surrounding islands.

Mociu Island

Wadigi Island is also a small island that also has a hillock. Its length / width is about 160m with 110m of which 30m with 70m is the beach. And that is the only place where the island is flat, because it was immediately raised. There are even a couple of buildings upstairs, and a helipad for helicopters. It also has its own coral reef which is part of a larger system.

Wadigi Island

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