Monuriki Island

Monuriki is a volcanic island, 1.15 km long / 600 m wide and 178 m high. The island is located in mamanuca Group  The island is surrounded on all sides by a coral reef. Monuriki is a real so-called “Robinson Crusoe” island, because it has everything an island needs, it has rocks, plains, bright white sand, lagoons with bright blue water, a hill, coconut palms, and various vegetation above. The island even has a Fiji crested Iguana, a green Iguana that is only in Fiji.

Monuriki from distance


Beautiful beach in Monuriki


View from hill



These iguanas are native to these areas. They were accidentally discovered after the movie “Blue Lagoon” from 1980. Dr. Coincidentally, after watching the film (which was mostly shot in Fiji, in the Yasawa group), John Gibbons went to Monuriki to take a closer look at that species, because they were often seen there. And then he discovered that it was actually a new species of lizard. Cyclone Winston also endangered these lizards and birds that live on the island because it damaged their habitat. They are endangered and should be protected.


damaged by cyclone

In 2016. Cyclone Winston damaged Monuriki Island. Vegetation was badly hit. Such beautiful and important island is only a small example of what happens around and what challenges Pacific people face, and the others in the tropics. Climate change is treating those islands.

Cast Away from 2000, one of the best movies of all time was filmed in Monuriki Island with one of the greatest actors in leading role, Tom Hanks. As the sole survivor of a plane crash, he is forced to survive on an island, and since that movie, Monuriki had become a famous tourist attraction.

Wilson the volleyball

Yes, everyone who saw movie remembers ,,Wilson” and famous yelling WILSOOOOOONNNNN!!! Once you hear it, you cannot forget. It became quite popular, so it can be bought, with paint on it instead of blood of course.


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