Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands in Fiji is a bay of small islands of coral origin. It is located on Vanua Balava Island, in the northwest. These are islands that protrude from the water, and look like broken islands, similar to the famous islands in Palau that are under UNESCO, or the islands in Phuket in Thailand. The bay of the island is the most popular destination in the region, and is very visited by people who sail their yachts because it provides excellent ports and harbors. The quality and colors of the water are enchanting due to its specific composition and shape of the region. Of course, everything grew into vegetation. There are domestic fruit bats.

There are also a few short sandy beaches (hidden in small coves) for people to rest and have a picnic. The Islands are also known as Qilaqila. The traditional owners of Qilaqila Bay of Islands in Vanua Balavu are some people in nearby Daliconi Village. Also, regardless that this place is popular for people to visit, there are noticeably much fewer tourism activities in the region because people prefer traditional life there without much tourism, although some cruise lines exist to visit some of the islands, such as the Bay of the Island. There are limestone caves throughout the Bay of Islands, and some caves can be accessed via swimming. (post updated in 8-August-2022)