Naitauba Island

Naitauba Island is about 28.5km northwest of Vanu Balavu. The island is volcanic with coral parts, and rises to 186m above sea level. Its length / width is 4.3km by 4km. The island has a protective reef that surrounds it, bright white beaches, bright blue water, coconut palms, a couple of lakes, villages, some native vegetation on the hills …

nice colors from protective reef

In 1965, actor Raymond Burr and his partner bought 1,625 hectares (4,015 acres) on the island , where they grew dill and cattle. The land was sold in 1983 to Johannine Daist Communion for use by Adi Da, at a cost of $ 2.1 million. Cyclone Winston severely damaged the island. In gallery, you will see lots of pre Winston/after Winston images as a comparison.

hill on Naitauba
nice nature they have on the island

Of course, Naitauba is not without problems or controversy either. The island is known for the fact that there is a religious cult to this day, a sect, whose leader was Adi Da Samraj. His real name is Franklin Albert Jones. He died in 2008 at the age of 69. He invented a way of teaching that he called “Crazy Wisdom”. He also had some radical religious ideas, various nervous breakdowns, used psychoactive substances as a test subject, and probably with the help of his “divine” beauty, he had three children with three different women. In the mid-1980s, accusations by former followers of imprisonment, brainwashing, sexual abuse, assault, and forced slavery attracted international media attention. In 1983, Adi Da moved with a group of about 40 followers to the Fijian island of Naitaba, which was bought by a wealthy follower.

devine man, a chosen one, Adi Da Samraj
his temple at Naiatauba Island


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