Eori Island

Eori Island is the last island in the Mamanuka group. Its area is 24 acres (9.7 ha), length / width about 700m by 270m. Eori has volcanic rocks, it has a plain (about 300m by 200m) with coconut palms, it has a hill, caves. It has a semicircular long beach, about 600m, and several smaller beaches. In my opinion, it is the most beautiful island in the group. It is surrounded by its coral reef. Eori Island is privately owned.

Beautiful beach

The island is the northernmost island in Mamanuca Group. It is 18,8 km north of the famous Monuriki Island, and it is around 44 km northwest of Lautoka town. North of Eori is Yasawa Group, making it an excellent location between two tourist famous groups of islands (with famous resorts around). It is part of Sacred Islands.  Eori Island was set on auction in 2009, but the auction did not succeed. Later, in 2009 it got sold.

Now, you will get a few pictures of this beautiful island, then you will get a link to our Eori Island Gallery with 58 pictures:

Amazing scenery, Eori island surrounded by coral reef
Awesome jungle!
it is nice scenery there!
there are good hills on the island providing a good view from above
there are waves sometimes on the island

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(This post has been updated on 19 February 2022)