Totoya Island

Totoya Island is a volcanic island in the Moala subgroup of the Lau Group (Totoja is in the southern part). Its area is 6918 acres (2800 ha), altitude 366m. The island is in the shape of a horseshoe. It is surrounded by a coral reef. Totoja has a huge coconut farm, a port, 4 villages, 4 primary schools, a post office, a shop and radio and telephone stations. There are also problems in Totoya, such as rising sea levels, so some parts of the beaches together with the palm trees were wiped out, and after heavy rainfall, floods were created. Part of Totoya has been declared a holy place, protected due to its importance for nature and the ecosystem.

The island was even present in the video game Yuri’s Revenge (2001), where Yuri had a secret base on Totoya with a rocket platform and submarines. That rocket platform served to fly to the moon in the next mission, and his Boomer submarines were first introduced here in this mission for Soviets (for Allies, they were introduced in Sydney mission, but it is again in South Pacific anyway). Interesting fact is that they put Moai statues, which are present in Easter Island in reality, perhaps for fun and to show ,,trademark of South Pacific” (Yuri even modified and weaponized some of statues to shoot lasers, just as many myths/TV shows/programs before mentioned that those are built by aliens)

Here is he, Yuri!