300 Days Alone – YouTube documentary

There is a nice and educative documentary, named ,,300 Days Alone”. Swiss adventurer Xavier Rosset spent 10 months on Tofua Island in Tonga. There, you can see some survival skills, adventure, exploration, the island and its nature, etc… It was recorded in 10 episodes (each is around 10 minutes on average, it served me well for my educational screenshots). You can see it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJFl_UFN5nE&list=PLSqxAu6B18ffhfQObjC-53nI5jgomLXko

There is also a website where they organize similar tours for people ,,The Ultimate Adventure Tofua”  http://www.tofua.ch/crbst_11.html

We also have a blog post about Tofua Island here https://tropicalislands.net/tofua-island/