Temple Island

Temple Island is an island above Wild Duck Island https://tropicalislands.net/wild-duck-island/. It is large about 21.5 acres (8.68ha), 1.4km by 1.2km. It has a runway and some construction. It has good nature and beaches, and is very close to the mainland, about 1,5kms. HERE IS OUR TEMPLE ISLAND GALLERY https://tropicalislands.net/temple-island-gallery/

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Wild Duck Island

Wild Duck Island is an island 25 km west of the Duke Group https://tropicalislands.net/the-duke-group-archipelago/  . The island is about 300 acres (121 ha), length / width about 4.5 km by 2 km. It has beaches, and one is about a kilometer long. The project was abandoned on the island 15…

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The Duke Group Archipelago

The Duke Group Archipelago is a group of islands of three large islands and a pair of tiny ones that are in and around them. Marble Island (2500 acres / 1011 ha), Hunter Island (300 acres / 121 ha) and Tynemouth Island (500 acres / 202 ha). The islands are…

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Happy birthday Sonja!

Today is birthday of our co-founder, my beautiful Sonja! Happy birthday! Here is island for you!

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Poisoners will face court

As we can see here  https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/former-linc-energy-execs-to-stand-trial-over-environment-breaches-20200306-p547li.html Peter Bond, and few of fellow his men (his team in crime) will face a charge for environmental catastrophe they did from 2007 to 2013. As we wrote here in our post this man is responsible for one of biggest ecological catastrophe in the…

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Poisoner – Immoral man whose owned Dunk Island for years

POISONER - Peter Bond, a rich man whose firm Linc Energy was worth over a billion, and he weighed about half a billion. His company collapsed after it was determined that it was causing a dangerous problem and polluting the environment. The Australian Minister for the Environment described it literally…

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Dunk Island

Dunk Island is also one of the most famous islands. It is located 4 km from the coast. Its area is 2471 acres. The maximum length/width is 5.8km with 2.3km. The highest altitude is Mount Kootaloo 271m. About a third of the island, 730 ha is under state protection, part…

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