Water – Basics

Water is a transparent fluid that forms rivers, lakes, oceans and rain. It is the main constituent of the fluid of living beings. As a chemical compound, a water molecule contains one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. Except in the liquid state, water on Earth often occurs in the…


Tropical Regions – Basic definition

Tropical regions are considered to be the regions around the Equator. Above and below the Equator (0 degrees) to 23.27 degrees North (Tropic of Cancer) and South (Tropic of Capricon). Up to 35 degrees is approximately a subtropical zone. Tropical regions make up 40% of the Earth's region, vast amounts…


New Logo arrived

Hello! What is a site without logo? We just created it, both versions short and long. Hope you like it. This awesome font is made by Måns Grebäck from https://www.mansgreback.com We got permission to use it for our non profit blog.  It is good looking, adding to tropical effect to…


Blog Maintenance

Hello there! We just started blog. It is under maintenance now as we are slowly progressing into bright future! New contents will be added soon!