Caille Island

Caille Island (or Isle De Caille) is an island in Grenada, the Caribbean. Its size is 155 acres (62,7 ha), and its maximum legth/width is around 1,2kmX880m. The island is less than 7 km north off Grenada’s main island. Caille Island is less than 350m south of the famous Ronde Island, and 2,6km away from ,,The Sisters” rocks, a famous diving location. The sister twin rocks are visible too from Caille Island.

we see its longest beach with coconut palms

Isle De Caille has few bays and sandy beaches. Its biggest beach is located on the northern side (about 350 m long) facing a bigger neighbor, Ronde Island. Besides sandy beaches, its other shores are mostly rocky, with noticeable black volcanic rock on its east side. There are blue waters mixed with greenish shades around, mostly at bays and on the northern beach. Its maximum height is around 25m.

there are some structures on the island

Caille Island is elevated with some gentle hills. The island is mostly covered in green dense vegetation, including trees, coconut palms, and some fruits scattered across the island. The island is a typical peaceful Caribbean-styled island with a Grenada vibe, as present on other bigger islands in the region. Sauteurs town (fishing place) is the closest settlement to Caille Island (around 8,6 km away).

we see one of few protected bays, and dense vegetation covering the island

There are few buildings on the island with stretches of dirt roads and paths and some concrete jetty on its western side. Those buildings are strategically built at some height overlooking the Caribbean Sea. It is equipped with a freshwater cistern that can be used for collecting rainwater. There is also a possibility for a desalination system as well. The electricity can be supplied via generators and solar panels.

a nice scene in the shade, providing nice views at neighboring islands

Isle De Caille is an old-forgotten ace as it was on sale for a long time already (possibly over a decade). And Tropical Islands is renowned for often covering those aces as well. Caille Island is renewed for sale lately, more actively. In our Facebook group ,,Private islands for Sale” I had the opportunity to talk with Peter Griffith, an exclusive real estate agent (from Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Florida Network Realty) who signed for this island (most of images here came from him actually). He is promoting this island there.

there are some roads on the island, making it easier for walking or driving some vehicle

And this is his quote from the island’s website:

,,Amazing vistas and seascapes complement the tropical oasis as well. Isle de Caille, also known as Caille Island or Ile de Caille, is about 15 minutes by boat from the mainland. Calm bays make this secluded haven perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling, jet-skiing and the surrounding Caribbean Sea boasts excellent sailing and offshore fishing.
Caille offers luxury lifestyle charm with unsurpassed tranquility and a treasure trove of possibilities. Potential development may include a luxury hotel, villas, private estates and residences, a marina, and more.”
According to me, Caille Island is a nice catch for those who can afford it, (as it has some infrastructure, bigger size, few beaches, dense vegetation including coconuts, hills, bays…)but we are writing from commentary or educational points of view here, we are not directly involved with sales, for more information better to contact an agent.

nice turqoise color of waters, and paved jetty. We also see a building strategically put on this height for better view

This is what Peter Griffith personally has to say about this island in conversation with me:

It’s the one of the largest in the world up for sale right now. Only private island, particularly of that size, to be available in the West Indies or in that region of the Caribbean and perhaps one of the largest in the world up for sale right now. It was majestic. Peaceful and serene. The sister twin rocks are visible too from Caille. Caille at its tallest points is just over 80 feet. Beautiful black and also white pebbles adorn the shores. The closest Grenada town to Isle de Caille is the fishing town of mainland town of Sauteurs in northern Grenada, the island’s 4th largest city and can be seen from Caille, about 4 miles away. Although there is no heliport on Caille, in the past it has accommodated a helicopter landing and takeoff from a flat, spacious concrete pavement that’s part of the top of a large cistern used to store rainwater—the cistern needs restoration. There is a short dirt roadway that is wide enough to accommodate a small all-terrain-vehicle (ATV). Offer price: $18,000,000

this blogpost is created with some information and pictures from Peter Griffith, an exclusive real estate agent who has been there on Caille Island

Peter Griffith even sent me two exclusive pictures, not present elsewhere until now, for this article especially:

,,Partial view of old pier and a cottage with town on of Sauteurs in background. This photo is to be used exclusively with your blog, It’s not been published yet.”
,,Scene of Northern shore of Caille (I believe that’s Sisters isles in top right . This photo is yet to be published, and is exclusive for posting on your blog,”

Here, you will get his youtube video about this island, and gallery (over 50 pictures):

Now, you will get an Isle De Caille Gallery (53 pictures, click on a picture and wait for a little until the gallery loads, then scroll left/right, and press Esc to exit, optionally you can press F11 for a bigger gallery)


Petter Grifith shared recently Facebook post about how this asset of his appeared (alongside his company) in UK Sunday Times. It was featured in hottest ,,Caribbean prime property market”. He shared that information with links, and sent me a text so I can share it here for those who can’t subscribe and read this UK Sunday post

Isle de Caille is on the market for $18 million (about £14 million) with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
According to the selling agents, the island is “an untouched paradise, a beacon for those seeking the ultimate luxury, privacy and a
connection to nature” — although with no running water, electricity or roads, and access only by a 15-minute boat ride from Grenada,
prospective buyers looking to upgrade will need plenty of money over and above the price tag of $18 million (about £14 million; property
prices in the Caribbean are generally in US dollars).