Isla Di Yerba

Isla di Yerba ( Yerba Island ) is an island in Cuaracao. Its size is about 7,3 acres (29580 m2), and its maximum length/width is about 335mX155m. It is a gradually raised island with a small height but still provides some good panoramic views from up. The island is the only one in the region of that size, with the others being much smaller and mostly flat.

Isla di Yerba is the biggest island in Spanish Waters region.

The island is very close to the shore, just about 220 meters, and even has its own plot on the mainland, with a jetty for boats (about 320 meters west away from the island). It lies in the Spanish Waters region, which is famous for its protected bay, and some famous and rich people have houses there. Its good location, both in the bay and close to shore and its amenities, and its decent size is adding to its advantage.

east side of the island. We see houses at the bay and a small hill in the background.

Isla di Yerba has no infrastructure, it is an undeveloped island. There is a good amount of vegetation on the island, including grass, cactus, and mangroves around the island … The island is surrounded by crystal clear Caribbean waters, suitable for many water activities (and having plenty of fish and some corals around). It is estimated that there is space for up to 10 spacious villas on this island.

a closer look at the island. We notice plenty of vegetation, with a small cleared area.

Isla di Yerba is on sale for some time already. Its price (according to Sotheby) is about 8 800 000 $, but you have to check it yourself, as we have nothing to do with sales, we just write from commentary and educational points. Now you will get youtube videos of this island and a link to our Isla di Yerba gallery: