Gareth Johnson Interview

Greetings everyone! I had an honor to talk with Gareth Johnson, the man from England, or better to say ,,world man”, since he has his rewarded traveling agency ,,Young Pioneer Tours” for worldwide travels. He represents their project ,,Let’s Buy An island” also known as ,,Principality of Islandia” micronation. Yes, that is the first crowdfunded island, and we are proud to have them here promoting their island Coffee Cay for rent in our group (and this blog).

NOTE: Those are all generic questions for various types of promoters (owners, sellers, agents, renters, realtors…), and various types of representation (renting, selling, sharing…) for various assets (islands, beachfronts, plots…). Have in mind that you can mention multiple assets as well.

QUESTION1: Can you tell us something about yourself and your relation to the asset you are representing?

ANSWER1: I’m the cofounder of the project to crowdfund buying a tropical island. I’m CEO of the company that runs the island.

QUESTION2: What is an advantage (pros, positive points) of your asset and the region where it is located?

ANSWER2: We are in the Caribbean Belize to be exact and easily reachable from the mainland. And it’s a fine island.

QUESTION3: Can you tell us your opinion or prediction about the future of your asset and the future of the island market overall for this year or further?

ANSWER3: We are running as a democratic project complete with its own micro nation! Aside from this we plan to develop it into a sustainable resort. Business and pleasure as it were.

QUESTION4: What is your opinion about ,,Private Islands for Sale” facebook group and ,,Tropical Islands” blog so far?

ANSWER4: frankly fabulous, much like us you are bringing private island ownership to the common people, so we applaud you for that.

QUESTION5: And last, can you tell us your opinions about climate changes on environmental impacts globally or in your region of interest?

ANSWER5: I’m legitimately fearful as a person, human and father, but from an island point of view I’m not worried. I will make a sustainable resort and honestly if we don’t fix the planet my island is the least of my concerns.

BONUS QUESTION: And bonus, as Young Pioneer Tours leader: A- How does your project ,,Young Pioneer Tours” collaborate and work in combination with that project ,,Let’s buy an Island”? B- And can you tell us how climate change and other global issues these days are reflected in both of your projects?

ANSWER: A- Young Pioneer Tours was my baby and we like doing obscure things, so when I had this idea it just fit. For the island it makes ultimate sense having a travel partner.

B- Climate change is a thing we actively try fight as best as possible. What almost worries me more is how polarised the world is becoming right now. People want stability not war.

And that is it. I am glad to talk to Gareth. I really hope that the bright future is in front of his projects! Now, time for links:

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