Principality of Islandia Micronation/Let’s Buy an Island project

Many people dream to start their own countries. Many dream to buy an island and escape there. But the combination of those two, buying an island (tropical) and start your own ,,country” is tempting! And yes, it actually happened!

In the past there were many attempts to start their own ,,countries, kingdoms, states” and similar. Of course, one cannot simply declare independence and separate from the parent country, but some types of autonomic, isolation, various projects for various purposes were possible.

While many people mostly laugh at those who start their own ,,kingdoms” to be stupid and waste of time, it is not something to laugh at all! While in fact, many attempts failed and were not attempts, but just boredom, and abandoned projects, some people also ,,succeeded” to some degree. They have their ,,territory” (mostly it is private property of unclaimed land), set up a flag, gather many friends and similar minded people (something like citizens), set up ranks, rules/laws… And after all of that, they started to gather fans, to promote their country on the internet, and once became famous enough, they started to sell goods (mostly souvenirs, shirts, cups and such with mark/flag/logo of said micronation) or rent a place.

So, in fact, it is good for business as well. It is worth to mention that they have a famous gathering known as ,,MicroCon”, where many worldwide micronation’s representatives gather. So, while not officially recognized by any real country, they recognize themselves, and deal/trade/communicate themselves. And lately they became more popular as this world became worse and worse by the year.

There are many reasons why would someone start micronation (for example revolt against governments, or simply want to be ,,left alone”, or to raise awareness about nature), and some people started their own. And they even recently bought tropical island!

Their flag. It looks nice and simple. One of the best around according to my opinion

Micronation is called ,,Principality of Islandia”, and their project is called ,,Let’s Buy an Island”. Here is their site That is a micronation experiment within the IBG project. A group of people decided to create crowdfunding, to collect money enough to buy an island and start their own country with all benefits island can provide such as isolation, relaxation, nice weather, water and beaches, palms etc…

In 2018 they began to accept investors (people who pay and donate), and in December 2019, about 7 months ago, they collected minimum money they determined, and bought an island!

Coffee Caye, island they bought. I do not have that island explained here in blog so far, but I will do it soon, once I start writing about Belize

This is their island, Coffee Caye really nice catch! That island is not only good for their needs, but it is also very close from Belize City, about 7kms from the city and its airport! Very good strategic position.

But, before they made decision to buy this specific island, they visited several more across the world. Here are finalists  good islands as well! And now, they are still accepting investors. You can become a citizen there by small donating, you can become lord or lady, you can own part of the island… They planned to build some of infrastructure soon. Before that there is a possibility to rent an island for various purposes.

You can even have cool ID card like this one
few of people in charge: Marshall Mayer (co-founder and president), Jodie Hill (prime minister) and Lee McAteer (investor and co-founder)

But, not everything went perfect for Islandia. Literally just after purchase, coronavirus happened. And worldwide lockdown, and the rest you know… They had to temporary freeze their activities as it was physically impossible to do anything in a greater scale. But, in their recent posts, it seems that Belize will slowly begin to open its borders.

Overall conclusion: Those people seem to be capable and know what they are doing so far. The fact that they impressed many people worldwide to donate to their project means that their unity and project can serve as good example globally how people should function, work together and help. Also, the fact that so many people donated proves that they are mostly enough of this world as it is now, of those large countries and their systems, and this way of fast and stressful living. They may also serve as example of good sustainability and wise island resource usage and management (which we yet have to see). Honestly, it is not all up to them, as we all witnessed ,,higher force” this year, such as this coronavirus which can wreck chaos to this world, and also many natural disasters which can slow down their progress. Good luck people!


Since I created this post (in July 2020), a lot happened. Since coronavirus happened, it affected the whole world, and unfortunately, slowed down a group a bit. But happily, they are getting back on track again slowly, but steadily. They are progressing and renting their island anyway. People can now enjoy the famous Coffe Caye island, the first crowdfunded island! When you type Principality of Islandia in Google, this very post will appear on the first page on Google!

moments ago, their facebook page wrote this post. They provided a link from this blogpost, which I am proud for

I had the honor to talk with one of them, with Gareth Johnson! We were talking on Facebook, and exchanging ideas. They like our blog.  I told him that I will update this post, and try to write another one about their island. PLus, there is high possibility that they will have an interview and promotion in a group where I am moderator ,,Private Islands for Sale” on facebook, since they rent Coffee Caye. It is good that the Tropical Islands blog cooperates with Lent’s Buy and Island project (Principality of Islandia micronation).

this is an awesome scene, they are together and happy, away from city noise at their own private island! I wish I was there as well

Gareth showed me images of them having a good time with their allies, Young Pioneer Tours and according to Gareth, they just established ,,a first tourist group in co junction with Young Pioneer Tours, Not first group but first tour group”.

We will continue to follow them and stay in touch with Let’s Buy An Island project.

POST UPDATE: 13 March 2022

For this short time, a lot of things happened to Let’s Buy An Island project! Meanwhile, they appeared on CNN! Yes, CNN wrote an article about them. Since then, their popularity grow bigger. We also made blogpost about their island, Coffee Caye, and Gareth Johnson (or Comrade Gareth how I prefer to call him), CEO and co-founder of the project did an interview for our blog. They even appeared on youtube video yesterday, made by Mr. King. Here is this all:

CNN article:

Coffe Caye blogpost here:

Interview with Gareth Johnson here:

Mr. King’s youtube video:

Yeah, their popularity has risen a lot, but have in mind that their island is an exclusive island here, as it was promoted first into our group ,,Private Islands for Sale” and this blog (besides their places of course), before everywhere else! I am glad that we were the first.