Poisoner – Immoral man whose owned Dunk Island for years

POISONER – Peter Bond, a rich man whose firm Linc Energy was worth over a billion, and he weighed about half a billion. His company collapsed after it was determined that it was causing a dangerous problem and polluting the environment. The Australian Minister for the Environment described it literally as potentially the biggest environmental disaster in the history of Queensland. “The result was ‘Linc Stink’ – clouds of methane, hydrogen, hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide created by combustion that was released and affected animals, workers and agricultural families in the area during the six years between 2007 and 2013. All resulted in explosive toxic gases, catarrhs ​​and oils leak into parts of the earth and air, leading to contamination of the groundwater system and will require monitoring and remediation for many years to come. ” That is one part that is in the official report.

Some of it can be seen here https://independentaustralia.net/environment/environment-display/linc-stink-queenslands-biggest-environmental-disaster,11673

On top of all that, he literally said this:

Dunk Island was set up for sale. Australian company ,,Mayfair 101″ almost bought it. And this man, is a serious deceiver who could kill people with negligence with gas. To cause cancer or serious diseases, he poisoned the earth, water and everything alive. And now “he goes on.” Such people should go to prison for such large environmental pollution.

About Dunk Island itself, we wrote here https://tropicalislands.net/dunk-island/