Top Picks: Posts in group by various popularity

Hello people! We are presenting our top-picks posts in the group by various types of popularity. For example, one is according to our administrator’s statistics we have, one is about the post that a member posted (his asset sale for example) that has the most views/range, and one is about my post that leads to this blog, one of the blogposts which I wrote about. For links in the group, you have to be a member of that group, as this group is private.

Post that our member posted which has the most views until this moment is Pomp Island in Maine, USA by Brandon Howland! You can view it here and as you can see in the down-right corner of the screenshot, it has 2,1 thousand views! Yes, despite being a temperate island (as people in the vast majority of cases prefer tropical islands) it managed to attract so many views! (in last period)

The post that I posted, leading to this blog which has the most views until this moment is Dunk Island in Queensland, Australia. You can see it here and considering that my posts in the group have from a few hundred to 1,5 thousand views, this one is record-breaking for me with 1,9 thousand views (not just in last period, but overall)

And last, according to our internal administrator’s statistic, the most popular post is this one when we opened ,,Dani Bananice” celebration.  that post in the blog featured our famous ,,5 Featured islands/plots”, our group and blog top search in Google, and when we met with my mentor, Vladimir Momčilović. And post in the group has 734 views, but has more interaction and quality of the post, and link, probably that’s why our statistics chose it to be top 1.

Oh, regarding my masterwork, it is almost finished, I should send it these days to my mentor Vladimir. What is important to you here is that it is partially related to our theme, with activities in tropical regions. Hopefully, I will get greenlight soon to print it.