Teacher University got a new dean

Congratulations! Professor Dr. Dragana Stanojević is a new dean of Teacher University, where I am finishing master studies. She is a nice professor without any affairs so far. She will try to enhance that facility as much she can. What is also important, she checked this blog and liked it, which means a lot to us.

Also, recently I had a conversation with a professor of geographic Dr. Ljiljana Mitić regarding my works and this blog as well. She also got some positive thoughts about the blog. And this is not all.  I finished last night my work for the upcoming exam for research and statistics class, which is also related to work on this blog. I did research based on a survey about environmental education in school children (environmental awareness of nature, the environment, and tropical islands). Professor Dr. Siniša Stojanović, an expert in this field, checked my work, and after some fixing, it is ready for the exam.