Blog news – 31. January 2024.

Hello people! This time we got little ,,renovation, reparation, and preparation” on our menu to be more functional and easier to navigate. Now, we have a new few blog categories with their subcategories, like this:

BLOG INFO category with subcategories: Blog News, About Us, Credits

EDUCATIONAL INFO category with subcategories: Ecological education, Problems and solutions, Scientific literature

ISLANDS INFO category with subcategories: Island News, Islands in Media, Private Islands Market

TROPICAL ISLAND REGIONS category with gallery and all blogposts about islands I wrote (tens of those articles appear on the first page in Google).

Also note that we have a brand new subcategory named ,,Private islands market” where I plan to put some selective information about private islands on sale, rent etc…

Also, our blog appears on Let’s buy an Island press page alongside CNN and other famous news labels haha!