Top Picks: Active members

Hello people! As I told, we will have rapid fire these days. As we celebrate the anniversary of the group and blog, we will promote more stuff. Here, we have top picks about the most active members in various categories. We have many members (since the group has 18,8 thousand members), but here are some handpicked as one (of many) valuable members.

Top active male and female, gentleman and lady: Jay Bailey (USA) is communicative lately, and he is an island owner as well himself. Katy Davidson (USA), this smiling lady is also participating in conversations lately often.

Top island buyer: Sean Con himself! This scientist from Germany was very active in founding island for himself. And due to privacy protection, I can’t say more, but sufficient to say that he found one member of the group and recently bought the island from him! And now, he is asking for an island in Belize for his friend (the group is private)

Top informative member: Pavel Novotny, who lives on Azores island life, is like an alive encyclopedia. He knows a lot about islands, spending over 20 years on research. He is active a lot on some topics, writing essays and explanations, definitively valuable member.