Blog news for the new year

Two days ago I was talking with my mentor, Professor Dr. Ljiljana Mitić (Teacher University). We talked a lot about my master’s work which I will start to write. We also talked about this blog, since it actually came from my previous works on master studies from geography and ecology classes. She checked this blog already, as did a few other professors too. So, good news!  I will start working these days on my masterwork to graduate. Many posts from here will be translated into the Serbian language and put into work.

Another good news. We are getting good on Google! Some of our posts about islands are on the first page on Google! When you type those names of islands, they will appear on the first page:

– Vatuvara Island

– Kanacea Island

– Katafanga Island

– Mago Island

– Yacata Island

– Kaibu Island

– Malima Islets

– Wailagilala Atoll

– Naitauba Island

– Tuvuca Island

– Adavaci Island

– Nanukulevu Island

– Totoya Island

– Ringgold Isles

– Nananu-i-cake Island

– Macuata Island

– Vatu-I-Ra Island

– SauSau Island (or type its alternate name Exile Island Fiji)

– Tivi Island

– Tikina-I-Ra

– Eori Island

– Wild Duck Island

– The Duke Group Archipelago

– Anuanurunga Atoll

– Nukutavake Island

– AkiAki Island

– Vahitahi Atoll

– Pinaki Atoll

– Niau Atoll

– Manuhangi Atoll

– Taiaro Atoll

– Motu Matatahi

Good news that that Monuriki Island (a famous island from movie ,,Castaway” with Tom Hanks) appears on the second page! Also, Nukutepipi Atoll (famous atoll owned by billionaire Guy Laliberte which he rents for million dollars weekly) also appears on the second page. Also, have in mind that all three islands Nukutavake Island, AkiAki Island and Vahitahi Atoll are in the same post)