Tropical Organizaton ,,Dani Bananice”

Hello! A few days ago we had a nice weekend. We had few meetings and one tropical party regarding the anniversary of the blog. Yes, this blog is officially opened on April 26 (the day before my birthday), but I started working on it months before. Those times are in winter and spring, so it is not suitable for a tropical party in the open because it is cold. That is why our blog does not have a strict date of the anniversary. So we can adapt it to some time in summer as we wish.

This time we invented name ,,Dani Bananice” as a very similar name to the event that exists in our country. Real name is ,,Dani Banice” (dani – days, banica- type of pie), while our name means ,,Dani Bananice” (dani -days, bananica-small banana or cream banana dessert). Very similar names with different meanings. But designed to fit tropical style.

First, we met with our part-time consulter Ivan Komatina in one restaurant, we ordered ,,Costa Rica Pancakes” as the opening of our events. Then we went back home to relax and drink tropical drinks on the terrace.

On Sunday we had a tropical party with our regular guests Ivan, Damir, and Jovan. As usual, there were tropical-themed decorations, a tiki bar, tiki mug, tropical torch, tropical outdoor lights, ice cream, themed food, drinks, and snacks. Also, we had a movie, tropical and jungle terror music…

And on Saturday Sonja and I visited a small river nearby, and a coffee bar (which looks like a tropical bar) on the new shopping mall to finish effects and close organization.